Warzone Pistol Tier List December 2020

Photo by Activision Blizzard/Infinity Ward, Activision Games Blog

As many within the Call of Duty community know from experience, switching to your pistol is always faster than reloading. And Warzone is no exception to the fact. Here is our weapon tier list for the Pistols in Modern Warfare's Warzone mode.

Warzone Pistol Tier List December 2020

S Tier: Aimbot

A Renettin with both the burst-fire and akimbo attachments.
A Renettin with both the burst-fire and akimbo attachments. /
  • Renetti
  • Desert Eagle .50

The Renetti retains its top spot for good reason. Even without its burst-fire attachment, its fast fire makes it the ideal weapon for people with an itchy trigger finger. But with its burst-fire mod, it can shred people almost as fast an MP5 at close range whether you run akimbo on it or not. The Desert Eagle remains one of the seasoned veterans of the COD franchise. With high damage output, and the right trigger attachment, it can win you a close range gunfight with as little effort as possible. For those of you opting to run the no-overkill route for your loadouts, I would highly recommend either of these sidearms.

A Tier: Hidden Blades

The infamous Snakeshot variant of the .357
The infamous Snakeshot variant of the .357 /
  • .357 Magnum
  • M19

There was a time not too long ago where the .357 was everywhere. The akimbo magnums were notorious for ruining people's fun in Verdansk as it allowed users to dominate all close range engagements. At the height of their prominence, they could almost be compared to the pre-patch akimbo model 1887s from MW2 with how ridiculously accurate they were even at long range. But it has long since lost aimbot status, with the Renetti becoming the more favored option among players in recent months.

The M19 has been for a pretty consistent handgun compared to the rest of its brethren. It can down people in about four of five shots, depending on how accurate a person is, and it can snap on to people with ease. It also doesn't hurt that it was the pistol of choice for many of the CDL pros for much of last season.

B Tier: It's There.

  • 1911

Another hallowed veteran of the COD franchise, the 1911 is a weapon that is just kind of there. It has a decent enough damage output similar to the M19. The thing that lets it down initially is its small clip size. This can be remedied of course by simply slapping an extended mag onto it. Pair that with the right trigger attachment and it can help in a short range engagement or two. Assuming of course you don't already have a better weapon on hand and/or have run out of ammo.

The X16

The Cherry Blossom Blueprint for the X16
The Cherry Blossom Blueprint for the X16 /

There really isn't much that needs to be said about the X16. It is, after all, the pistol you start out with when you drop into Verdansk and the only weapon you'll have after exiting the Gulag. While it is not necessarily a bad gun by any means, it loses usefulness quite early after landing as you will have probably procured a better weapon after a fight or two. Still, if you have a decent enough trigger finger, it can still win you a few fights in the late game, especially when you have come back from the Gulag and find yourself without a more range effective weapon.