Call of Duty

Warzone Player Completes Fastest Bounty Contract

Photo courtesy of Activision

A player has set the record for the fastest bounty contract completion in Call of Duty Warzone. Here are the details thus far.

Warzone Player Sets Record For Fastest Bounty Contract

Contracts are a crucial part of the Warzone experience as they are the key to racking up a lot of cash in-game that you can use to buy loadouts, killstreaks and various other items. While some of them tend to take longer than most to complete, specifically the Bounty and Most Wanted contracts, one player has stunned the entire community by managing to instantly complete a bounty upon receiving it.

The player, who goes by Kaspriskee on Reddit, posted a clip showing him snipe and kill a player who was moving across the map just as the bounty contract indicator popped up, instantly giving him the reward for the bounty. This once-in-a-lifetime moment has quite rightly generated a massive response on social media as this guy wrote himself into the Call of Duty and gaming history books with his well placed and perfectly timed shot.