Call of Duty

Warzone Player Executes Perfect Troll Kill

Photo courtesy of Activision

Reddit user and CoD player u/bloodcorona posted by far one of the most brutal baits in CoD Warzone we've seen.

The video, 35 seconds long and posted to the Warzone subreddit March 4, shows him baiting a lone opponent into a kill. The trap involves laying out a massive pile of high value loot — mostly kill streaks — then hiding up in the rafters and waiting for an unsuspecting victim.

The whole time this is taking place you can hear laughter from the mic, as they know exactly what is about to happen.

When a victim does take the bait, bloodcorona and their teammates give the poor sod a chance to marvel at his apparent good fortune, awash in powerful killstreaks. Then, of course, they shred him from above.

This is one of the troll-est Warzone clips we've seen, and the bait trap made it hilarious.