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Warzone Player Exposes Horrible Cheater

Reddit Clips Exposes Horrible Warzone Cheater
Reddit Clips Exposes Horrible Warzone Cheater / Photo Courtesy of Activision

Call of Duty: Warzone is no stranger to cheaters, hackers, and exploiters, but Reddit user u/zimrh found what may be the worst Warzone cheater the game has ever seen. The Call of Duty developers have been the recipients of constant criticism due to the abundance of cheaters in Warzone. Every so often Activision will ban cheaters in waves, purging a number of cheaters, but it never seems to be enough.

Even popular streamers encounter cheaters often, such occurrences have led some to move away from the game. Though, it should be noted that despite the controversy, Warzone is still an incredibly popular game that often tops the viewership on Twitch.

Aimbotter Loses Horribly

In a recent Reddit post, user u/zimrh discovered a suspected cheater in their game. Unsure whether the player was using an aimbot, zimrh decided to watch the player’s skills in action. After mere minutes it became clear that this person was cheating, and doing it poorly. For some reason, they spent 20 seconds climbing and jumping off a ledge.

Eventually, the game came down to two players, the cheater and someone who clearly wasn’t cheating. The cheater’s enemy only had two kills at that point, but what makes the clip incredible is that the cheat actually lost. They decided to pull out their sniper rifle right as the only other player came into their sights. At this point, the aimbot was not strong enough to save them and they died.

The only thing more embarrassing than losing with an aimbot is losing with an aimbot and having it go viral on Reddit. Zimrh’s commentary makes the video special, so make sure to watch the video in full from its original source. One can only hope that this player will finally turn the aimbot off after being exposed so badly. And of course, congratulations to Party Pat for the victory.