Warzone Player Gets a No-Look Double Kill

A Reddit clip shows an impressive double kill with two different weapons
A Reddit clip shows an impressive double kill with two different weapons / Courtesy of Activision

A Warzone clip found on Reddit posted by u/ForeverBob shows what they call the "smoothest thing" they've ever done in a video game. He demonstrates how to multitask properly taking on two fights at the same time and winning both of them.

He gets a double kill within seconds of each other with two different weapons, and he doesn't even need to look at one. It's an exemplary display of peak Warzone technique.

The clip starts with ForeverBob noticing a Jeep heading towards him in the distance. They notice the Jeep is on the bridge which means it's very obvious where the Jeep will end up. Now, a very subtle detail but very quick thinking by ForeverBob is to throw C4 in both lanes.

Suddenly, after deploying the C4, ForeverBob is shot in the back forcing him into a separate fight facing away from the bridge. I don't know if ForeverBob has amazing instincts, heard the car, or was looking at his map while accurately shooting the other enemy, but he detonates the C4 at the perfect time as he finishes off the enemy in front of him.

All in all, ForeverBob was right, it was pretty smooth.

A pro-tip left in the comments by u/2b2t mentions players can "doubletap whatever you use to reload and it'll blow up your C4 without the trigger animation." The trigger animation being the moment ForeverBob has to stop shooting to pull out the C4 detonator.