Warzone Player Hunts Down a Jeep With His Own C-4-Filled Jeep

Jeeps can transport C4 too, not just players
Jeeps can transport C4 too, not just players / Courtesy of Activision

Battlefield makes a quick appearance in Warzon during this clip. The ol' C4 on a Jeep was a staple of Battlefield gameplay and I hope it comes back to Warzone in full force.

This clip, posted to Reddit by u/N4BST3RZ, shows him throwing some C4 on his Jeep after noticing a Duo hop into a car in the distance and sets off in pursuit. The enemies are followed for about half a minute before they get stuck on some rocks opening up our clip creator's opportunity. He hopped out, let the car roll, detonated the C4, and then had an easy double kill after executing the two downed players.

This isn't particularly practical but the style points and satisfaction you'll get pulling it off will make it completely worth it. This also isn't entirely impossible to do very often.

The only annoying variable I can imagine is that the car in front of you just won't stop anytime soon and you'll be stuck getting tunnel vision for the kill and waste time. Plus, you need to make sure your driving isn't an issue because nothing would suck more than blowing right by the enemy because you mistimed your C4 or drove poorly.