Warzone Player Lands Insane Shot Instantly Killing a Squad

This Warzone player lands one of the most difficult shots to land in game
This Warzone player lands one of the most difficult shots to land in game / Photo Courtesy of Infinity Ward

Somethings are just meant to be and the stars align, well, in this case, four players align and this Call of Duty: Warzone player perhaps lands the most insane shot of their career.

Watch Redditor u/goldentoad12 send almost a full squad back to the lobby in one shot.

U/goldentoad12 perhaps had the most in game impact of any team in this game in the span of 22 seconds. Armed with the AX-50, a sniper that has the potential to shoot through multiple people, the Redditor first dispatches a straggler as the zone closes in. Their squad has already secured a great location that also has a Buy Station.

After knocking an enemy, u/goldentoad12 runs to the Buy Station and redeploys a teammate. What happens next is literally the stuff of legends. After spotting a whole quad running for cover and are clearly unaware of the Redditors squad, u/goldentoad12 lines up their shot. After waiting for that one singular moment, when all four enemies are in a straight line, goldentoad12 fires and kills the whole squad.

Not only was a whole squad sent back to the lobby, but they were sent home by a headshot and by one bullet. To be frank, there is not much to do besides shake your head in disbelief and respect u/goldentoad12. For as much as luck was involved, shooting the shot at the right time and knowing the AX-50 takes skill.