Warzone Player Outplays with Parachute

What a landing.
What a landing. / Photo by Infinity Ward

Successfully piloting your parachute in Call of Duty: Warzone can make the difference between obtaining loot or heading to the gulag. When paired with extreme precision, it can also lead to some insane outplays.

Check out the latest highlight from Redditor u/toasterrmaker showcasing unparalleled control while flying.

The video begins with a Warzone duo deciding to push an enemy squad housed within a building below them. In an endeavor to push the opposing team, the pair leap off of their building with one member immediately cutting his parachute before quickly redeploying. In a slick, smooth motion, a perfectly maneuvered flight occurs resulting in the player crashing through a window and eliminating a surprised enemy with his shotgun.

With Warzone players often trying to optimize their landings to achieve loot, this clip showcases yet another advantage to mastering the art of flying. Apparently, you can never be too sure where your enemies are going to approach from.