Warzone Player Overhears NFL Player Leak New Contract Via Voice Chat

Chicago Bears Training Camp
Chicago Bears Training Camp / Dylan Buell/Getty Images

Online multiplayer games are some of the most popular games in the world, and pairing with complete strangers in voice chat can be a rather interesting situation. While plenty of communities deal with toxicity, you can sometimes land great teammates and encounter hilarious moments.

And in the case of Reddit user ProbationOfficer2035, something a bit more memorable happened. While grouped with streamer Oohtally, who is the wife of former Bears offensive guard Rashaad Coward, ProbationOfficer2035 overheard something interesting.

Warzone Player Overhears NFL Player Leak New Contract Via Voice Chat

He heard the voice talk about a "deal" and the last thing he heard was, "He’s gonna sign a 3-year deal in order to facilitate the trade because he would love to be in Pittsburgh."

The Reddit post was humble enough to make mention that they couldn't confirm if it was 100% true or if they misheard, but the news is out now. Coward has signed with the Steelers, confirming everything ProbationOfficer2035 overheard and Coward has even retweeted Tweets teasing him about the leak.

Of course, this isn't the first time notable sports news has been revealed over Twitch. Last year, Devin Booker notably learned about the NBA season pausing amid the COVID-19 pandemic during a Twitch stream.