Call of Duty

Warzone Player Runs into Two Players Wearing Unreleased Skins

Photo courtesy of Activision

Two hackers were caught running what appear to be unreleased skins in Call of Duty: Warzone on Friday, Sept. 10.

Warzone subreddit user u/Copy_Code captured the skins in screenshots, which they then uploaded to the subreddit.

The first skin carries a cartoon- or comic-like look to it and is entirely black and white. The contrast between the style of Warzone and the style of the skin is quite severe and, as a result, it's garnered a mixed response from commenters.

Warzone Hacker Leaked Skin
A glimpse at the first alleged leaked skin. / Photo courtesy of u/Copy_Code

The second skin looks much more realistic and gritty, consistent with the style typically seen in Warzone. Fan reception to this skin has been much more positive. Those fans have also been quick to point out that the skin bears a striking resemblance to the Batman villain Scarecrow.

Warzone Hacker Leaked Skin
A glimpse at the second allegedly leaked skin. / Photo courtesy of u/Copy_Code

No other information is known about these skins and Activision has not acknowledged the leak.

These skin leaks are yet another example of the poor state of Warzone. A recent bug was also discovered that ends the game early, even when more than one team is still standing.