Warzone Player Runs Over Swarm of Enemies to Land Clutch Revive

This Warzone player pulled off an insane clutch.
This Warzone player pulled off an insane clutch. / Photo by Infinity Ward/Activision

A Warzone player's skill is typically measured according to their accuracy with a gun. Call of Duty, after all, is a first-person shooter. But every so often an opportunity arises to test some other skill. In this case, that skill was vehicular manslaughter, and the test was passed with flying colors.

In the clip, posted to the Warzone subreddit Wednesday by u/Seth_Sentry, Seth_Sentry's teammates have just been knocked down by a veritable horde of enemy shooters. Seth_Sentry drives over in their SUV and immediately sets to running down the swarming enemies.

Seth_Sentry smacks one enemy broadside with the vehicle, downing them, then peels right to run over another who is distracted by a third. That third meets the grille of Seth_Sentry's SUV as they wheel back around to try to hit a fourth. That fourth hides behind a tree and avoids the first two swipes at their life, but Seth_Sentry finds a fifth enemy and backs up into them.

Thinking they're safe, the fourth goes to revive a teammate. Big mistake. Seth_Sentry keeps the backing up going and runs both down.

Meanwhile, their teammate is about a second away from death, so as soon as the last enemy is dead Seth_Sentry leaps from the vehicle and sprints to their fallen comrade, starting the revive at the last possible moment. It would all have been for naught had they failed to make that revive. Instead, they pulled off an unbelievable play.