Warzone Player Shows Off Ridiculous Power of Mounting

Photo courtesy of Activision

Warzone is in a strange spot. It feels like every day there is something going wrong. Whether it's hackers, glitches, or the lackluster Halloween event, players are frustrated. Most are staying in the game in hopes of Vanguard bringing a Call of Duty renewal, and the new Warzone map making the battle royale fun again.

And one of the biggest storylines is the drama surrounding aim assist. While for years, the complaint has always been about mouse and keyboard players having an advantage over console players, now the complaint is that console users have too much of an advantage with aim assist.

But based on the video, that's not the only broken feature in the game.

YouTuber BurterSpeed goes in detail on how much recoil is decreased while mounting. Close to 50% is decreased when wall mounting making a literal aim bot for everyone using it.

Granted it makes sense mechanically, but after Raven Software called out campers, why would they create a mechanic that benefits campers. Its almost a bad decision not to use mounting when applicable.

The video has gained a lot of traction on social media and Reddit, garnering notice from other streamers and YouTubers. That may be enough to convince Activision and the developers to nerf the feature moving forward.