Warzone Player Shows Some Slick Maneuvers to Snag a Trio Wipe

Getting onto the roof of the Public House is a must for sieging it
Getting onto the roof of the Public House is a must for sieging it / Courtesy of Activision

A Call of Duty Warzone player has figured out a different way of getting into the Public House in Central Verdansk which allows a whole new method of attack when there are people inside guarding the entrances.

In the clip below posted to Reddit by u/jhz123, they show how just one player can take out a trio from multiple angles making his presence known just by quick and varying movements. It all starts with a clever hop from a fence onto the roof, hiding on the ledge out of the view from the door, and then dropping below to ground level to peek again.

The enemies probably think they're up against multiple people with the varying peak and don't know where the next attack will come from. Jhz123 comes back from the roof again and takes out the last player looking to revive one of his teammates.

How to Replicate the Move

The movement requires a bit of precision and timing, but will become muscle memory after a few tries. Once you get the feel for the move, it'll be super easy. There is a concrete wall that surrounds the building that you can hop onto the top of. Be careful jumping up that you don't immediately vault over. If you do vault over, either try a slightly different spot on the wall, or try to move just a bit in any direction besides forward once you are on top of the wall to stop your character from finishing the vault.

Then, a quick sprint jump will get you to the wall and close enough to the top that pressing Jump will allow your character to pull themselves onto the roof.

In the comments section, jhz123 mentions this is doable on the other side of the building, so make sure to use that one as well when trying to engage enemies in the building.