Warzone Player Turns 21,800 Credits into a Victory

Warzone player owes his Warzone Victory to gas masks
Warzone player owes his Warzone Victory to gas masks / Courtesy of Activision

Call of Duty Warzone matches have 150 people, and with squads, that means there are 49 other full squads vying for the same thing you are—to be the last alive. The traditional method of winning normally consists of looting, shooting, and reviving. That is the consensus best way of getting a Warzone Victory.

However, in a clip posted to Reddit by u/schmayward, he takes an unorthodox approach to winning that requires a bit of a bankload, the right conditions, and a bold attitude.

'Pay to Win'

The clip shows schmayward coming down to the final moments of a match with six players left. The zone getting smaller and smaller and schmayward not having any squadmates up and a very unfavorable position decides to take a bit of a risk and bolt back to the buy station just outside of the playable area in the gas.

With 21,800 credits saved up and gas masks costing 3,000 each, schmayward bought gas mask after gas mask hiding behind the buy station in the gas, taking no damage. As the zone closed in eventually resulting in no gas-less area, all the enemies faded away and schmayward remained the last player standing.

Consolidation to this victory is schmayward had 11 kills prior to hiding in the end, so I feel a little better knowing he didn't go the whole game kill-less and then pull this stunt at the end. Although, it might've made this win a little more impressive.

But, this is a lesson, if you have a large bankroll and don't like your odds in the last fight, maybe camp out by the buy station with a few gas masks.