Warzone Player Wins 1 v 4 with Kar98K

Winning a 1 v 4 is one thing, doing so with a Kar98K is another
Winning a 1 v 4 is one thing, doing so with a Kar98K is another / Photo Courtesy of Inifinity Ward

Last circle, you versus a squad of four and a bad loadout. Situations like those usually end in a loss in Call of Duty: Warzone, but not for this Redditor.

Armed with one of the worst guns for that situation, watch Redditor u/mq999 end a 1 v 4 with just a Kar98k.

U/mq999 lost their whole squad before the last circle and is pitted against a squad of four. The Redditor only has two options. Either spray the squad hoping to down a few and surviving for as long as possible, or down every single one of them with the Kar98K. In order to win with the Kar98K, u/mq999 needs to land almost every shot which is exactly what they do.

Using a rock as cover, the Redditor proceeds to peek and slowly pick off the squad. After downing the first two, u/mq999 smartly leaves them to die in the storm and downs the third. Knowing that the fourth squadmate is in the storm and weakened, they manage to land the last shot which finishes off the squad.

A skillful way to end an otherwise stressful last circle. If you ever find yourself in this situation, best way to win it all is to just go for it, the aggressiveness could pay dividends.