Warzone Player Wipes Team With the PKM

Photo by u/Dixonm

Call of Duty: Warzone player wiped a team with quad-kill leaving opponents shocked and upset as the opposition was taken by surprise.

Warzone players have weapon blueprints to customize or experiment with whilst on their mission to win games. Blueprints are customized weapons with certain attachments equipped that can be either found in-game or bought from the store. They also come with a weapon skin that can either be beneficial in-game for camouflage or visually aesthetic.

Warzone Player Wipes Team With the PKM

Redditor u/dixonm and their squad are just in the play zone as they find another squad on the ground focused on moving into the center. On a hill, the player has an amazing position and aim at the targets, with experienced viewers knowing there will only be one outcome.

Not long after watching the opposition squad, the player takes aim and fires continuous bullets at each player. The opposition squad eventually finds the player but it was too late, two or three have already been knocked down and the last surviving member was just hanging on by a thread.

The final enemy sneakily laid on the ground but even that maneuver didn't help as the player finally eliminated the opponent. Now with nine kills, the player is hoping the hot streak continues as there is still 30 players left in the match.