Warzone Players Are Apparently Being Shadowbanned and Matched With Hackers

Photo Courtesy of Activision

Call of Duty players across the world are under the impression that they have been shadowbanned from Warzone, and being forced into lobbies that only have hackers. They believe that being reported by opponent has caused this issue, and people are obviously very upset.

People have been cheating in Warzone since it was released, there has been plenty of evidence and videos that shows how its done. There's players who wall hack and can see their opponents through walls, and players who have aim hacks.

These kinds of players deserve to be reported and banned. Also, it was a smart idea to just put cheaters into their own lobbies. However, if a player is simply being put into these lobbies after some false reporting, that's just unacceptable. This may even be because of the rise in overpowered guns like the DMR and MAC-10. While it may seem like the other player killed you too easily, it doesn't always mean they're cheating.

Content creator Tomorgraphic explained his experience as "Essentially, my account has been blacklisted from the matchmaking system, and I've now been moved into a 'cheater bracket'...I am running into countless cheaters now, and it sucks i can't play with my friends because all my games are occupied by cheaters. The matchmaking system sees me as one of the bad guys, and that ruins the game for everyone"

Tomographic goes on to say that when he leaves the lobby his friends don't run into any more cheaters, so by process of elimination, it looks like he's the problem. Players have also seen these shadowbans before, and these matches also come with higher queue time and high ping matches.

There has not been any comment from Activision in regards to these Warzone shadowbans. It looks like there needs to be an adjustment on their end, with more in-depth reviews of reports, and not simply just tossing reported players into cheaters' lobbies.