Warzone Players are Calling for In-Game Block Feature to Counter Hackers

Image courtesy of Activision

Call of Duty: Warzone players are growing weary of the game's hacker problem, calling for an in-game block feature to help minimize encounters.

Online mulitplayer games like Warzone are often a hacker hotspot, much to the frustration of normal players. As a consistent source of annoyance and griefing, there's usually little that can be done after encountering a hacker in your match. Warzone players have been feeling the burden for quite some time now, having their games constantly ruined by various cheaters.

For the most part, Warzone has been left relatively vacant of anti-cheat features. Players have had to wait patiently for Vanguard's anti-cheat features to be integrated into the game. With the slow roll-out, players have come up with their own suggestions for how to curb the hacker problem.

Warzone Players are Calling for In-Game Block Feature to Counter Hackers

Players are able to block hackers after matches, but the task can be a bit laborious. Sifting through the recent lobbies list to find the hacker to block isn't the most efficient method, but for now it's all players have. Instead, many have been calling on Raven Software to add an in-game blocking feature to enable players to quickly blacklist any hackers they encounter during a match.

The feature would definitely help save some time, and players wouldn't have to struggle to remember usernames quite as much. A post on the r/CODWarzone subreddit opened up the suggestion for discussion, and many were quick to agree. One commentor said, "wow it never occurred to me and makes perfect sense."

Others pointed out concerns that the feature could be abused, worrying that players could use the feature to block people out of spite and causing an issue for lobby building. Fortunately, it doesn't seem like Warzone's block feature works like that. Instead, players are mererly notified that a blocked player is present in the lobby. It's ultimately up to the player to choose whether or not to re-queue.

Of course, this is just a player wish for now. It's unclear exactly what anti-cheat features will be added to Warzone with the Vanguard integration, but perhaps an easier way to block unwelcome players could be a worthwhile investment.

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