Warzone Players Believe the Season 2 Battle Pass Was Nerfed

Photo courtesy of Raven Software

Warzone players are up in arms after sharing experiences on Reddit. It seems plenty of players are struggling to level up their battle passes, and the consensus is that Raven Software nerfed the leveling system. Or in other words, it's going to take a lot longer to unlock your cosmetic rewards.

The battle pass offers things like operator skins, blueprints, double XP tokens, and wartracks.

The Reddit post has garnered 783 votes at the time of writing and this isn't the only post. Reddit user /StadiaUser123 shared a similar problem.

"Last night I played Warzone for about 4 hours. In that span I got through a game of clash, a game of BR, and countless games of Rebirth...My question is simple. How have I played this much and not progressed a SINGLE level in battle pass? The game seems to be tracking it, because I’m half way through level 0. I’ve also purchased the battle pass (with free coins accumulated over several seasons of play without having spent money) for the 10% battle pass XP boost to finish the pass faster (read: to unlock the new guns and perks faster)."

There is a small chance that it's a glitch, but more than likely, Raven Software made the decision to make the battle pass more difficult to force players to play more games. It's a bit scummy, but not a surprising move. If enough players complain, they may turn it back.