Warzone Players Call for Serpentine Perk Nerf

Image courtesy of Activision

Call of Duty: Warzone players seem to think Serpentine is "too strong," calling for the recently added perk to be nerfed.

A common wish that has circulated in the Warzone community for some time is a shake-up to the available perks, with many thinking that the offerings could do with an overhaul. Cue Season 3, which saw the addition of popular Vanguard perk — Serpentine.

The perk functions in Warzone pretty much the same way it does in Vanguard, by reducing the incoming damage from bullets, explosives, and fire by 20%. While it hasn't quite taken over the meta, in the hands of some players the perk has proven to be a bit of a menace.

Naturally, fans took to Reddit to discuss how the perk has recently affected Warzone matches.

Fans Question Serpentine Perk in Warzone

User bwash407 posed a question to the Warzone community, asking why the Serpentine perk was in Warzone. "Looking at the description it doesn't sound like too big of a deal, but in action it's absolutely ridiculous," the user said.

"Not everyone hits every single shot perfectly, and when someone is running off it shouldn't take a mag and a half to down them. That makes it extremely tough to take on multiple players when it takes so many bullets just to down one."

It seems that by itself the Serpentine perk is a nice little safety net, but coupled with Stim Shots and increased health, players suddenly become one-man armies. "I'm averaging about 1200 damage per kill, which used to be about 450," the user said.

There's been numerous discussions surrounding Serpentine, with other players claiming that it's become much harder to get kills.

User reducing_harm said, "Serpentine in the hands of good players is definitely way too strong, especially paired with stims."

Of course, not every player is finding Serpentine to be that big of a deal. With the perk only effecting base health, the perk often only results in a few more shots needed to take down a player. One commenter said, "Serpentine does feel a bit strong but I don't hate it, don't think it's game breaking."

For the time being though, it's likely that Serpentine will be staying in its currently form. Whether Raven Software has some adjustment plans in the future remains to be seen.