Call of Duty

Warzone Players Continue to Complain About Heartbeat Sensor

Photo courtesy Activision

Despite a nerf, Call of Duty: Warzone players are still complaining that the Heartbeat Sensor is too powerful, and that it's ruining their games.

The Heartbeat Sensor is a device implemented in Warzone that allows players to track enemies in a certain radius, even through walls, allowing them to see who is around and land the first strike. These enemy players appear as blips on the screen, and these blips disappear once a player is out of range of the sensor.

The initial nerf raised the time between pulses from three seconds to six. It arrived Dec. 8 alongside a list of other nerfs and buffs for a variety of weapons. The reason this device is still controversial even after being nerfed is that players still think that the Heartbeat Sensor offers an unfair advantage by revealing enemy locations through walls.

Warzone players have expressed in a Reddit thread their desire to nerf the device even more.

The solution for the players who are still disappointed in the nerf and want to play without the device, in general, can do so by playing the Vanguard Royale mode exclusively. Another, more limited alternative is running Ghost and staying hidden from the sensor, which other players also have an issue with.