Call of Duty

Warzone Players Discover Out-of-Bounds Shortcut

Going out of bounds isn't an instant death sentence in Warzone.
Going out of bounds isn't an instant death sentence in Warzone. / Photo courtesy of Activision

Call of Duty: Warzone players have discovered an area on the map that's marked as out of bounds, but across which players can travel before they trigger the out-of-bounds punishment.

In Warzone, going out of bounds isn't an instant death sentence. Instead, it triggers a countdown to start, giving the offending player a few seconds to return to the play area. If they stay outside the play area long enough for the countdown to hit zero, they'll die on the spot.

Because there's a delay between crossing out of the play area and actually being punished for it, there are a few spots on the map where players can take advantage of out-of-bounds positioning. The mountains around Salt Mine are a particularly popular spot for this, as players can weave in and out of the play area to reposition.

Call of Duty Warzone subreddit user u/Spirit_alphaa has found another place where players can take a brief trip out of bounds and gain an advantage over other players. They identified that the small bay between Port and Park can be traversed by parachute even though it's technically out of bounds. This would allow a parachuting player to reach the other side of the water at the start of the game, rather than going all the way around.

Players report that doing so doesn't even start the out-of-bounds timer, making it a safe — if only narrowly useful — trick.