Warzone Players Frustrated By New Rebirth Island Wall Glitch

The Rebirth Island Wall Glitch is the latest in a number of bugs to be discovered in Warzone.
The Rebirth Island Wall Glitch is the latest in a number of bugs to be discovered in Warzone. / Photo by Activision Blizzard/Infinity Ward

Call of Duty Warzone players are becoming increasingly annoyed by a new wall glitch that was discovered in the Rebirth Island map. Here is what we know so far.

Glitches have become somewhat of a mainstay in Warzone recently since the integration with Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War back in December, with a number of new exploits allowing players to, for lack of better phrasing, cheat their way to the top. From the major invisibility glitch caused by attack helicopters, to being able to hide in loadout drop crates, Warzone has faced more than its fair share of bugs.

What Is The Glitch?

According to a number of people within the COD community, there have been instances where players are managing to glitch themselves into the walls of the buildings on the Rebirth Island map. Exactly how the glitch is performed has yet to become common knowledge, but that isn't stopping these those in the know from ruining other players' experiences in the game.

In a Reddit video posted by PatientZero, the uploader is eliminated from seemingly nowhere only to find they're being shot at by a player using this very glitch.

There have been numerous instances of this taking place within the Rebirth Island map and so far it seems like no one is safe from the clutches of the walls. While there is a chance you might see someone's leg sticking out of the wall, the chances of surviving an encounter like this seem slim for the most part.

There has been no response as of yet from Raven Software, but we will continue to monitor the situation. Until then you might want to avoid going in any buildings for a while if you plan to travel to Rebirth Island anytime soon.