Call of Duty

Warzone Players Outraged by 'Spoon Gun' in the Gulag

Image courtesy of Activision

There are dozens of weapon choices in Call of Duty: Warzone, with nearly all of them swapping rotation in the game mode's Gulag. However, one that was recently discovered in the Gulag, a version of the Type 11, has upset many players, causing them to call for its removal.

The weapon is a homage to the real world Japanese Type 11, however, players aren't upset with the historical correlation, but with the awkwardness of using the weapon in-game. Nicknamed the "Spoon Gun," the Type 11 seems to sit on the player's left shoulder in-game, with a spoon-like hopper on the top of it that gets in the way of part of the screen when you aim down the sights.

CoD streamer Speros_OG posted his reaction to equipping the weapon in one of his Gulag matches on stream, where you can see the gun in action. The sights are on the right side of the gun, almost fully blocking the left side of his screen. Even the spoon-like piece on the tip looks a bit odd, making the gun not very desirable to use. Speros_OG's tweet got plenty of attention of players who share the sentiment about the Type 11.

While credit is due to the developers for bringing realistic weapons into the game, the Twitter and Reddit Warzone community seem to agree that "this gun needs to go." Fortunately, you won't have to be forced into the weapon in the Warzone map post-gulag.