Warzone Players Think Radar Jammer Drop Rate is Still Too High

Image courtesy of Activision

Warzone players are still having a rough time with Radar Jammers, saying that the drop rates is still too high despite having already been reduced.

Radar Jammers are a particularly tricky device for players to use to disrupt their opponent's actions. Jammers will scramble player minimaps for 45 seconds and disrupt the Killstreaks, Heartbeat Sensors and pings for anyone caught its radius. It also prevents players from seeing the circle as it closes in, meaning a number of players have met their demise thanks to the device.

They were added as part of Vanguard's Season Three update for Warzone and soon had their drop rates reduced, but players still think the device is too overpowered.

Warzone Players Think Radar Jammer Drop Rate is "WayToo High"

One Reddit user took to the CODWarzone subreddit to air their grievances, saying "The drop rate of radar jammers is way too high!"

"They're a fine part of the game but there's way too many. Would be better if they were rarer instead of me just ignoring the mini map most of the time since it's buzzed out."

The post was soon met with other players sharing their experiences with Radar Jammers. One user suggested that the device became a purchase rather than ground loot: "They shouldn't be in the game, completely disrupts everyone in the massive radius for entirely too long, cant see gas line, zone direction, team mates, buys etc. If they want to leave them in it should be like a 10K PURCHASE not a free ground drop."

Others were fine for the Jammers to remain in the game, but felt that either its 125 metre radius or 45-second duration should be reduced.

It's true that the radius covers a huge portion of the new Fortune's Keep map, meaning players are far more likely to get caught in it compared to other maps. With it still being early days for Warzone Season 4, there's still a chance that we could see further nerfs to the Radar Jammer sooner rather than later.