Warzone Players Upset By Lack of Sniper Updates

Warzone Season 4 did not restore snipers to their former glory.
Warzone Season 4 did not restore snipers to their former glory. / Courtesy of Activision

Warzone Season 4 saw the addition of a new map in Fortune's Keep, added new guns such as the NZ-41, and added new game modes such as golden plunder. One thing it didn't add, much to the chagrin of a vocal group of players, was balance changes for sniper rifles.

Snipers fell off during Season 3 after the Kar98k received a nerf, and since then there hasn't been a dominant sniper option for players to use.

This led to the meta to be fully focused on assault rifles and SMGs, leading fans to complain about staleness and little versatility.

Raven Software still has not addressed the sniper situation, leading to outcry and complaints from fans. One Redditor by the name of ibabyXD posted a video highlighting the biggest issues with snipers in Warzone. In the video, it shows that some snipers require three shots in order to kill an enemy.

With Snipers such as the Kar98k and Swiss K31's trademarks being high mobility with one shot kill potential, it's easy to see why this is troublesome. Recently, the HDR, a much slower sniper, has been popular with fans, but it still doesn't dominate as the older snipers use to.

Season 4 has some time left, and in the coming weeks hopefully Raven Software can answer the calls of concerned fans and buff the snipers in Warzone.