Warzone Players Want Kar98k Nerf and Grav Buff

Call of Duty: Warzone
Call of Duty: Warzone / Credit to Raven Software

With the amount of new content constantly being added to Warzone, it's understandable to imagine the game's weapon meta to be ever-evolving. But a recent buzz on Reddit would imply that newer weapons being added to the game are lackluster at best, and instead Warzone's older guns have consistently been better choices. Specifically, older snipers and marksman weapons are viewed more favorably than newer assault rifles.

The Kar98k has built a reputation as being Warzone's premier marksman weapon, and has been in the game since its launch. Recently, u/DefunctHunk_COD has taken to Reddit to argue that the Kar98k and other marskman weapons need more bullet flinch, the amount of screen shaking a player sees when under fire. In u/DefunctHunk_COD's clip, he successfully shoots an opponent six or seven times and seems to have the advantage in the firefight. Unfortunately, though, the Redditor's opponent was already scoped in with the Kar98k and was able to answer with a headshot fast enough to kill u/DefunctHunk_COD.

If u/DefunctHunk_COD's opponent's screen shook more as they were being shot then it certainly would have made the headshot harder to land, but other Redditor's are asking for a different solution to the same issue. U/Lifeesstwange has posted about how the Grav, one of the newest ARs to be added to Warzone, is one of the most unusable weapons in the game. Even after fully leveling up the weapon, it is burdened with ridiculous recoil.

According to wzranked.com the Kar98k is the most picked weapon in Warzone with a pick rate of 9.87%, whereas the Grav holds spot 43 on the list with a pick rate of 0.26%. Basically, one in ten Warzone players use the Kar98k, but only one in 400 Warzone players elect to use the Grav. This evidence would support the argument that the Kar98k is viewed as the more viable weapon, but it does not give us a clear answer on how to handle this disparity moving forward.

Warzone players themselves seem split on the details of the issue, but in general, agree that marksman rifles deserve more bullet flinch and that assault rifles need improved handling to be viewed as viable.