Call of Duty

Warzone Players Warn that Using Randomly Gifted Skins can Cause Shadowbans

Avoid this skin in Warzone at all costs.
Avoid this skin in Warzone at all costs. / Photo Courtesy of Raven Software

For those logging into Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific, if you see a new Operator Skin available for you to use that you didn't earn yourself, beware of using it. Users online have been warning that equipping this skin that you were given without knowing the source of it, then playing with it, can result in you getting shadowbanned in Warzone.

The skin is blue, with a ninja-style mask. It's unknown why players are getting it without completing its challenges, but if caught using it, some players have already been banned.

User GorgoKnight first tweeted the warning about this mistake, saying "for those of you who have obtained this suit do not use it in game for you will most likely get shadowbanned."

In the replies, the issue is further explained, the shadowban can occur only if you receive the skin without completing the challenges. If you earned it legit, you're cleared to drop into Caldera.

Raven Software has yet to address the issue, or why some people are shadowbanned and others aren't. Some players have reported using it since the issue began and have yet to be punished.

Until the issue is solved, if you find this skin in your operator selections, we advise leaving it there to avoid the potential ban. You may be one of the lucky ones who doesn't, but the risk far outweighs the reward.