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Warzone Playlist Update April 8: What's New

Photo Courtesy of Raven Softawre

A new Warzone playlist update arrived April 8, and here's what's new. Call of Duty: Warzone has weekly updates that rotate playlists in and out of the game. Let's take a look at the changes this update has brought.

Warzone Playlist Update April 8: What's New

The new Warzone playlist update took out one playlist each for the Verdansk, Plunder, and Rebirth Island maps and added in one playlist for each. The ones cycled out are King Slayer for Verdansk, Trios for Plunder, and Resurgence Duos for Rebirth Island. The ones being put in are Mini Royale Trios for Verdansk, Quads for Plunder, and Resurgence Quads for Rebirth Island. Players are pretty happy that Resurgence Quads has come back for Rebirth Island, although there still are those who question why there even needs to be a playlist for this. For many, they would prefer resurgence duos, trios, and quads to be a permanent addition, not something that is constantly taken out and put back in by the week.

In other Warzone news, leaks and glitches have revealed some interesting things to come. Eight new vehicles were datamined and glitches accidentally revealed what Raven software has in plans for the ending of season 2.