Warzone POW Camp Locations: Season 3 Reloaded

Survival Camp in Warzone
Survival Camp in Warzone / Call of Duty Fanatics on YouTube

Warzone POW camp locations are scattered around the map and are connected to the Rambo crossover.

This update brought a plethora of new challenges to overcome, with one in particular tasking the player in collecting three fallen soldier tags located in survival camps scattered throughout Verdansk.

Warzone POW Camp Locations: Season 3 Reloaded

There are a total of ten survival camps on the map, each containing one fallen soldier tag. You can only collect one fallen soldier tag per match, and the item is a unique pickup, meaning that only ten unique players at maximum can nab a tag each match.

The most optimal way to get the three fallen soldier tags done the quickest is to immediately quit out the match once you know you grabbed a tag.

If you don't want to follow the map above, and find all of the survival camps through the game itself, drop at the new location called CIA Outpost. At the hangar marked "21," head to the back and interact with the map on the whiteboard. For this one match, that whiteboard will mark a green circle on the player's map with a location of a survival camp.

Warzone is chock-full of new content in Season 3: Reloaded, touch down on scenic Verdansk and get some challenges done!