Warzone Pro Reveals 'Best' Rebirth Island Loadout Perks

Rebirth Island's frantic pace requires different perks than Verdansk.
Rebirth Island's frantic pace requires different perks than Verdansk. / Photo courtesy of Activision

Call of Duty: Warzone pro Lucky Chamu has shared his loadout of choice for Rebirth Island, which he says must be attacked in a way fundamentally different from Verdansk.

Lucky Chamu, whose accomplishments include a first place finish in the $100,000 Rokkr Royale, breaks down the thinking behind his Rebirth Island loadout in a video published in late October.

Chamu's first tip for players looking to master Rebirth Island is to use the Quick Fix perk in their blue slot. Quick Fix offers health regeneration on killing enemies, which can be vital in the fast-paced action of Rebirth Island, in which it's hard to find a quiet moment to heal up.

Chamu then recommends using Amped, which lets players swap weapons, use equipment, and reload Launchers more quickly. Finally, although Overkill can be useful on Rebirth Island, Chamu says it's not as essential. Instead, players can opt to run Tempered, which lets them max out their armor by applying just two plates instead of three. This is another way to make sure you're healed up more quickly in the frantic scuffle of Rebirth Island.

Chamu rounds out his loadout with the throwing knife and the heartbeat sensor.

For weapons, Chamu rolls the OTs 9 and, when he's got Overkill on, the Kar98k.

Putting all these elements together will elevate you to a class that can keep up the frantic pace of action on Rebirth Island.