Warzone Rebirth Island 'Reinforced' Map Changes and New POIs Teased

"Reloaded and Reinforced, next week Rebirth Island gets a facelift."
"Reloaded and Reinforced, next week Rebirth Island gets a facelift." / Image courtesy of Activision

With there still being plenty of time before the end of Season 2, it seems Rebirth Island is about to get "reloaded" and "reinforced" with some major map changes in Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific.

Dubbing the event, Call of Duty Warzone: Rebirth Reinforced, Raven Software and Beenox took to Twitter Friday to reveal a teaser of the reworked Resurgence battle royale mode map.

As seen in the image, there are about three main map changes that stick out right off the bat.

The first of these is a new POI called Stronghold, which, as the name of the event implies, appears to be a reinforced version of the often-deserted Security Area POI. With much more buildings and loot, it definitely seems like there will be more incentive for players to drop here moving forward.

Another major change is seen with the additions of two ships on the sides of the island, with one bordering Control Center and the other bordering Nova 6 Factory. With a map as small as Rebirth Island, the more areas for players to drop, the better.

Lastly, right next to the aforementioned ship and Control Center POI appears to be a brand-new POI called Docks. This doesn't appear to be as exciting as the other two new changes, but it does build out the previously-unnamed corner of low ground that players could desperately drop to and find emergency loot, so it seems like another positive addition as well.

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