Warzone Rebirth Island Reinforced: What is it?

The New Docks Area
The New Docks Area / Activision

With Warzone Season 2 Reloaded dropping on March 23, it's generating a lot of hype and excitement for fans. From the new weapons to the revitalized game modes it seems the update is going to be popular.

However, the main attraction, Rebirth Island Reinforced, is the updates biggest selling point as of now, and as such demands a deep dive into what is being added.

Rebirth Island Reinforced Areas: What are they, and what's new?

With the new update, there have been two revamps of previous areas: Stronghold and Prison Courtyard, along with one new area called Docks.

Stronghold, which used to be called Security Area, has received a new checkpoint area, complete with garages and an administrative building centered around tight spaces, and CQC encounters requiring good skill and a quality loadout. In addition, a new radar building has been added and gives long-range advantage over a large portion of the map.

Prison Yard has also been revamped, though to a much smaller degree. The area has been given new cover, with the implementation of a construction area that adds new pieces to the map, along with a new water tower with a flag on top.

However, the biggest update is the Docks, a brand new area with container ships. With two ships total, one outside Nova 6 and the other at Docks, these exist to add more spice to the game. Docks itself extends out from the Helipad and the construction site and provides access to the ships via gangplanks, which can be turned into deadly chokepoints, so the optimal route is to either drop in or climb to the top.