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Warzone Removes Season 4 Armored Cargo Trucks Because of Invisibility Glitch

A squad riding the armored variant of the Cargo Trucks.
A squad riding the armored variant of the Cargo Trucks. / Raven Software and Activision Blizzard

Cargo Trucks in Warzone were already annoying to play against, but this is too much!

Originally, the Armored Cargo Trucks were only available in Warzone's limited-time game mode, Armored Royale. Following the Season 4 update, Armored Cargo Trucks were not exclusive to the LTM, and were able to be found in regular matches.

To make the Armored Cargo Trucks even more powerful, they could also be upgraded with stronger armor, a heat-resistant gun barrel, and permanent UAVs!

What an odd decision to add the armored variant too, seeing as regular Cargo Trucks have already defined the meta with their raw power and lack of consistent options to destroy them.

Mere hours into the Season 4 patch, Armored Cargo Trucks were removed from Warzone. Raven Software cites the removal of the powerful vehicle due to an "ongoing issue with players becoming invisible," although the overwhelmingly negative feedback on their inclusion has players glad they are removed no matter the reason.

It's unclear as of now whether the Armored Cargo Trucks will be added back or stay removed.