Call of Duty

Warzone Roze Operator Skin Nerfed in Season 3 Reloaded

Courtesy of Activision

It's common for a gun, vehicle, or even a piece of equipment to face the nerf hammer when it comes to how they affect gameplay, however, it's rare that an operator's cosmetic faces such huge controversy. Yet that's the fate that's befallen an infamous Roze skin recently, namely for its ability to blend into dark corners of the map and make her frustrating to fight against.

Roze was an operator released back in Season 5, that quickly drew an enormous amount of hatred for the way her skin made her blend right into the background of a map if you so much as crouched in a shadowy corner. Dressed in an all-black skin suit and creepy-looking face mask, Roze was, ironically, a massive target for a nerf due to her frustrating nature.

It may have taken a while but Activision finally hit her with a nerf, with the recent patch notes stating they upped the brightness of the skin by 70% to help her stand out from the shadows. While this is definitely a weird nerf, it goes to show how things even indirectly related to gameplay can still play a major role in how a game turns out.

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