Warzone Roze Skin to Undergo Changes

Roze Operator Skin: Rook
Roze Operator Skin: Rook / Photo courtesy of Activision

Warzone's Roze skin for the Rook operator will undergo some changes in the near future, according to Warzone developer Raven Software

The Roze Rook skin has been a major topic of discussion amongst the Warzone community since its release. The skin is outfitted almost entirely in black, making it perhaps the hardest skin to see in some of Warzone's more dimly lit areas. Many players consider this skin a "pay-to-win" tool that grants users an unfair advantage against the competition for that reason.

The controversial Roze skin has become almost synonymous with try-hard Warzone players, the ones who look to get a win any way that they can.

Responding to a list of quality of life improvement suggestions by streamer Jack "CouRage" Dunlop, Raven promised it had plans to adjust the skin. The studio didn't describe how it would change the skin or when the changes would arrive, but its planning adjustments indicates it knows the skin is a pain point for players.