Warzone's Most Popular Weapons, Lethals and Tacticals Revealed

User-uploaded loadouts reveal the most popular equipment picks in Warzone.
User-uploaded loadouts reveal the most popular equipment picks in Warzone. / Photo by Activision/Infinity Ward

Crafting loadouts in Warzone can be a daunting task, so sometimes it's easier to just draw some inspiration from what everyone else is doing.

To succeed in Warzone you not only have to keep up with constant balance tinkering by Infinity Ward and steer clear of new glitches, but you also need to set yourself up for success by having the best equipment. Not only do you need to craft a loadout that fits your playstyle, but you want to make sure you're using the best items available.

Keeping up with all that can be exhausting, but luckily we have an easier way of staying on top of the meta.

Warzone's Most Popular Weapons, Lethals, and Tacticals

Frequenting Warzone loadout website Lootshare is a great way to see what the Call of Duty community finds to be the best equipment picks for the battle royale. Here are the three most popular picks in each category, along with what percentage of loadouts they've been included in:

Warzone's Most Popular Weapons

• MP5 SMG (18.1%)

• Kilo 141 Assault Rifle (10.3%)

• Bruen MK9 LMG (5.1%)

Don't let the percentages confuse you because there are a lot of weapons in Warzone. There are only a handful of other weapons that are used in over 1% of loadouts, and all of them are under 2%. This means the MP5 is far and away the most popular weapon in Warzone, and it has been for quite some time. The MP5/Bruen combo is actually the most popular loadout in the game, but any of these three weapons is a solid choice.

Warzone's Most Popular Lethals

• C4 (79.2%)

• Semtex (5.3%)

• Frag Grenade (4.1%)

C4 is the most-used lethal in Warzone by a significant margin. There's just no way to top having an explosive that you can detonate when you see fit. Whether using it to guard a doorway or to blow up enemy vehicles, equipping C4 is the way to go.

Warzone's Most Popular Tacticals

• Heartbeat Sensor (71.5%)

• Stun Grenade (18.3%)

• Smoke Grenade (3%)

Tacticals, like Lethals, have a clear superior option — the Heartbeat Sensor. Other Tacticals can provide some brief advantages, but there's no topping a consistent radar that you can carry around.