Warzone's Verdansk Reportedly Returning in 2024 With New Black Ops Game

Activision / Infinity Ward

Rejoice Call of Duty fans. It's seems we're finally heading back to Verdansk per an exclusive report from Tom Henderson.

According to Insider Gaming's Henderson, the original Warzone map, "is set to return by the end of 2024." Details regarding the map's release date and further details remain unknown, but according to Henderson the map will return as part of the new rumored Black Ops game planned for release in 2024.

Based on a report from WindowsCentral from Nov. 22, Treyarch is developing the next Call of Duty yearly release. It's reportedly another Black Ops title following Cold War, and this title could reportedly be called Black Ops Gulf War.

Warzone's Verdansk Reportedly Returning in 2024 With New Black Ops Game

Verdansk is still widely considered the best Call of Duty: Warzone map of all time. It's even considered one of the best battle royale maps ever. The following releases including Caldera, Al Mazrah and Urzikstan haven't quite matched up to the OG. The newly released Urzikstan has been better received than Modern Warfare II's Al Mazrah, but still fans want Verdansk back.

Activision is leaning into nostalgia anyway in 2024 with the returns of Rebirth Island and Fortune's Keep. Both Resurgence maps were absent from the MWII cycle, but Activision confirmed at Call of Duty: NEXT this year that both maps would be back during MWIII. The announcement was well received considering how popular those Resurgence maps are. Plus, considering the success of Fortnite OG, BR developers might be looking at nostalgic updates as big tentpole events.

It'll be interesting to see if Verdansk is just the premium, single-map offering for the next COD cycle, or if it'll be a limited-time event. If it's released alongside a brand-new map, Verdansk will certainly overshadow it.