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Warzone Season 2 Update May Bring Loot Changes

Photo courtesy of Call of Duty

Black Ops Cold War Season 2 update is coming out soon, and with that comes change. Twitch star NICKMERCS brought up his concerns about the upcoming update and how it will affect the loot.

With every update comes new weapons, some very powerful and some not so strong. So, by the time the next update rolls around. CoD knows what weapons to nerf due to their power. One of the weapons that may be nerfed is the FFAR gun. The FFAR is one of the most powerful weapons on the game and thus, is probably due for a nerf.

Photo courtesy of Faze Clan

Most loot is found on the ground, so that the update will have a huge effect on the ground loot. It's a great feeling when you find a powerful gun in your ground loot and know that you are going to get kills with that, especially if you get the FFAR.

“Now, we know this thing is going to get a nerf but I’m also assuming it’s going to get taken out of ground loot. My only hope is that if they do, and probably will, swap up the floor loot, I hope there’s still some good guns because every now and again they make some changes and there ain’t nothing to use on the ground.” Said NICKMERCS on his Twitch stream.

While nothing has been confirmed, it is very likely that the FFAR gets nerfed. But we won't know until the launch of Season 2, so stay tuned!