Warzone Season 4: 3 Things to do Before the Season Ends

Three things to do before Season 4 is over
Three things to do before Season 4 is over | Photo courtesy of Activision

Call of Duty: Warzone has been a worldwide hit, already on Season 4, there's no telling what heights this game will reach. With Season 5 just around the way, there's a few things you should get around to doing at Verdansk before the season ends.

Warzone Season 4: 3 Things to do Before the Season Ends

1. Finish Up the Battle Pass

As per any game with a Battle Pass or similar structure, it's always in your best interest to finish the levels. Almost always, the loot and rewards gained for leveling up a Battle Pass are exclusive to that specific season, and once the season is over, so are the chances to unlock the rewards of that Battle Pass. In addition to the exclusive rewards, many times the Battle Pass is set up to award players enough in-game currency to purchase the next season's Battle Pass.

2. Purchase Store Bundles Before They Dissapear

There's nothing worse than seeing someone running around with an awesome blueprint that you missed out on. Don't let that happen again, if there's a store bundle that you've been hesitating on, pull the trigger. There's no telling when a store bundle might never be available for purchase again, don't have any regrets.

3. Rank-Up and Level-Up Guns

With Season 5 expected to start on Aug. 5, there's still some time to improve status before kickoff. This means leveling up your rank, and your guns. With a player rank reset imminent, it's worth one last push up the boards before the drop back down to baseline. Gun-levels though do not reset. So it's worth your while to try and level-up your guns to give yourself the best chance at success in Season 5.