Warzone Season 4 BlackCell Rewards

Check out all the Warzone Season 4 BlackCell rewards.
Check out all the Warzone Season 4 BlackCell rewards. / Activision

Call of Duty: Warzone Season 4 launches today with a new BlackCell Battle Pass featuring a handful of exclusive rewards.

BlackCell is an additional Battle Pass introduced to Warzone and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 in Season 3. The premium option grants players rewards valued at over 7,000 COD Points, and costs $29.99. When purchased, players will unlock the BlackCell Sector and receive an alternate starting position on the Battle Map, as well as new cosmetics.

Here's a breakdown of all the BlackCell rewards now available in Warzone Season 4.

Warzone Season 4 BlackCell Rewards

Players who purchase the Season 4 BlackCell Battle Pass will have access to the full Season 4 Battle Pass, including its 1,400 COD Points, and 20 tier skips. BlackCell also offers the following rewards:

  • BlackCell Operator Io
  • Pro-Tuned Weapon Blueprint
  • Finishing Move
  • Custom Parachcute and Contrails
  • Immediate unlocking of adjacent Battle Pass Sectors to the BlackCell Sector
  • Six BlackCell Alt Operator skins
  • Six BlackCell Tracer Weapon Blueprints
  • Two Vehicle skins

Those who upgrade to BlackCell after purchasing the Battle Pass will receive 1,100 COD Points back. The BlackCell tier skips can be used to quickly unlock the Tempus Razorback Assault Rifle or the ISO 45 SMG, the two new Season 4 weapons available in the Battle Pass.