Warzone Season 4 Caldera Updates Announced

Photo by Activision

Warzone Season 4 is set to introduce updates to Caldera aimed at improving the map's playability alongside the release of Fortune's Keep.

Caldera received a middling response from the fan base with players generally upset the successor to Verdansk hasn't lived up to expectations. Maps are a vital part of a battle royale title's success, and Verdansk was extremely popular. While the map wasn't necessarily kept up to date as much as the fans would've wanted, they were upset to see it go and have not been happy with Caldera.

Activision aims to improve Caldera in Season 4 with three major updates.

Warzone Season 4 Caldera Updates Announced

Three major updates were announced on the official Call of Duty Twitter account:

  • New micro-POIs and more looting
  • Secret underground Mercenary Vaults
  • 50% less vegetation and more visibility

All three changes are aimed at improving the map's quality of life and player experience. Caldera's POIs haven't lived up generally speaking to Verdansk's and creating more areas with better loot for players should add variety.

It's unclear exactly what the Mercenary Vaults will include, but perhaps they act similarly to Verdansk's bunkers and are high-end loot locations for players to take advantage of.

Overall, the biggest change is the halving of vegetation and improved visibility. That has been at the top of lists of complaints for players and this change should have the biggest overall impact.

Activision is set to announce more changes in the leadup to Season 4, per the announcement.