Warzone Season 5 Assault Rifle Tier List

Season 5 Warzone Assault Rifle Tier List
Season 5 Warzone Assault Rifle Tier List | Photo courtesy of Activision

Warzone Season 5 Assault Rifle tier list to help you take your loadouts to the next level.

With most people likely stuck at home for its entirety, Season 4 of Call of Duty: Warzone seemed to fly by. With Season 5 going live on Aug. 5, here's the first look at the Assault Rifle tier list for the next chapter at Verdansk.


Grau 5.56

Still the cream of the crop, the Grau 5.56 is the first-choice assault rifle for many in Warzone. Even with the nerfs in Season 4, the Grau is still accurate and efficient. With a legendary blueprint and the right attachments, the recent nerfs to recoil can be completely taken care of.


The Oden is simply the most powerful of any assault rifle in Warzone. It boasts the highest damage per shot statistics of any gun on this list, and brings a totally unique skillset to your loadout. The raw power alone is enough to earn this assault rifle a spot in the S-Tier.

Bruen MK9

Maybe coming in at somewhat of a surprise, the Bruen MK9 can be a serious game changer. With impressive damage and fire rate stats, coupled with a 60-round magazine, this is the perfect crossover between AR and LMG.



The FAL recieved a substantial buff during Season 4 of Warzone, enough to earn it a spot atop the A-Tier for the Season 5 rankings. With impressive damage range, this assault rifle is straight and to the point. It's actually a one-shot-kill on headshots to enemies with no armor, definitely check this one out.

Kilo 141

Dropping from the S-Tier is more due to surrounding AR's rising up. That leaves the Kilo 141 for the A-Tier. While it wasn't significantly impacted in last season's updates, the Kilo remains an excellent choice for players looking to keep distance and exploit range. Unfortunately, the recoil pattern for this gun is the opposite of almost every other in Warzone and takes time adjusting to.


More specialized for mid-range firefights in other game modes, the M4A1 isn't the worst choice in the world, but it certainly has its limitations. Especially on a map like Verdansk where range is king, the best aspects of this AR can't always be utilized. That being said, you could certainly do worse.

Warzone Season 5 Assault Rifle Tier List



Very little recoil makes the M13 an attractive option, but it gets dropped down the list due to its extremely low DPS for assault rifles. An impressive rate of fire can make this AR useful when dealing with a close range fight against multiple enemies. But on the whole, you can find better in Warzone.

Ram 7

Similar to the M4A1, this AR impresses with both its range and rate of fire. It is accurate and powerful but just like the Kilo 141, this one has an awkward recoil pattern and can take some time getting used to. Certainly playable, but never a top choice.



You'll need to use your attachments to mitigage some of the recoil action for this assault rifle. It can be very difficult to handle from long range but has very solid damage statistics.

FR 5.56

At the bottom of the list, this one is a tough sell. It has great damage stats, but the burst delay is enough to drop this one down. It's pretty simple with the FR 5.56, if you miss a shot, you die. Definitley don't recommend.