Warzone Season 5 SMG Tier List

Warzone Season 5 SMG Tier List
Warzone Season 5 SMG Tier List / Photo courtesy of Activision

Warzone Season 5 SMG tier list will help you maximize your loadout.

Season 5 in Call of Duty: Warzone is just two days away. With the clean-slate ahead of us, lets take a look at the SMG tier list to help you on your way to victory in Season 5. With changes to Verdansk rumored for the new season, keep in mind that this list is subject to change.



The top choice for SMG's, you can't go wrong with an MP5. 45-round 9 mm mags make this weapon irresistable with its top speed in terms of time to kill. Simply put, this is the standard for backup weapons in Warzone, and top of the SMG list.


Introduced in Season 4, the Fennec has an RPM higher than any other weapon in Warzone. When leveled up, this gun is a problem. However, the base version of this gun only has 25 round mags, which are gone in a pinch with this speedy fire rate.


5.56 conversion rounds take this "SMG" to the next level. This is an extremely powerful gun for its class and is a favorite amongst experienced players. Fully kitted out, the AUG has a DPS comparable to most assault rifles.


Similar to the MP5, but simply not as powerful and sporting a lower time to kill. This is certainly a reliable SMG and can be used successfully as a backup in Warzone. Definitely worth your time and not far from optimal.


PP19 Bizon

One of the base SMG's, this one has beginners feel. Slow fire rate and large ammo magazines, this is a fair gun to learn with. If you're a more seasoned Warzone player and don't particularly struggle with accuracy, you can look to go in a different direction for SMG's.

Warzone Season 5 SMG Tier List


Striker 45

The Striker 45 sports impressive damage and damage ranges, but its low rate of fire is concerning for SMGs. A 12-round hallow-point magazine means this weapon will let you down if you face multiple enemies. Buyer beware.


Dropping into the C-Tier, this gun is simply out of its depth in Warzone. Its niche is somewhat taken away in a game mode where extended mags are essentially a norm. The supplemental stats just aren't enough to compensate for its faults.


This is a last-resort type of weapon. Pick it up if you have to, it can do a job. But if there are other options available, you're almost always going to want to go in a different direction.