Warzone Season 5 to Reportedly Add Gas Mask Toggle Button

Photo Courtesy of Activision

Being eliminated by the gas is one of the most frustrating ways to lose in any battle royale game. Thankfully, Warzone has the gas mask which temporarily lets you breathe in the gas.

But being shot at while your character figures out whether or not they should put on their mask has to be the most frustrating way to lose.

But with Season 5 of Warzone coming, a new feature may prevent that dreadful situation from ever happening again.

Warzone Season 5 to Add Gas Mask Toggle Button

When Season 5 starts, Warzone is set to reportedly add a new feature that allows the player to take their mask off and put it back on, instead of automatically putting it on.

Although Season 5 of Warzone is not for another month, this feature seems to have found its way into the game's settings which u/aur0n discovered on Reddit.

The feature is titled "Gas Mask Toggle Only" and you can either have it disabled or enabled. If you keep the feature disabled, nothing will change and the gas mask will work the same way it always has. If you enable the feature, the gas mask can only be put on or taken off when the player toggles the button.

ModernWarzone further relayed that this is a feature that players have wanted for a long time dating back to Warzone's launch.