Warzone Season 6 SMG Tier List

Warzone Season 6 SMG tier list is here to help you build out the best submachine gun
Warzone Season 6 SMG tier list is here to help you build out the best submachine gun / Photo courtesy of Activision

Warzone Season 6 SMG tier list is here to help you build out the best submachine gun in Verdansk.

SMG's have been major players in Warzone since their introduction to the game. They're easy to use, offering rapid-fire rates, smooth handling, and quick ADS times. Dominating close-range battles, they can even be deployed as primary weapons in certain situations.

Season 6 is now underway and as with any new season, we'll need to look into the weapons tiers to find out the optimal approach. The MP7 still reigns supreme over the SMGs in Verdansk but let's take a look at the complete table to help you along on your season 6 adventures.



The MP7 reigns supreme over all other SMG's in Verdansk. It has an impeccable rate of fire and a very limited recoil making it easy to control at close-ranges. The premium offered over the rest of the SMG's is the limited bounce players will experience when firing. Kit the MP7 out for recoil and range to make it the most effective SMG in Warzone.


Slightly edged out by the MP7, the MP5 is still an excellent choice in Verdansk. It probably won't give you the effect of a hybrid AR, but when used as a secondary weapon for close-quarters this gun is deadly. One of the fastest time-to-kill stats of any weapon in Warzone make this one of the top picks.



The Fennec made its debut in Season 4 of Warzone and quickly drew attention from gamers around the world. An ultra-fast fire rate is actually higher than the MP7 or MP5 and features a similar damage profile. The dropoff comes in the magazine size, coupled with the fire rate this weapon is simply unforgiving.


The AUG's best traits are not those of a traditional SMG, but it's an extremely versatile weapon. It has a solid damage profile, but makes its money with the attachments. The AUG's 5.56 conversion kits are a game-changer, allowing the gun to operate as an SMG/AR hybrid. It's not as effective as the MP5 or MP7 at close quarters which is why it's further down the list, but this is still an awesome weapon.


One of the most controllable recoils in all of Warzone, the P90 is a very user-friendly SMG. It's very similar to the MP7 and offers a similar rate of fire and handling, but lacks in the attachments category. The damage dropoff hurts this gun once players get to mid-range making it a less than optimal choice.


PP19 Bizon

This gun is simply out of place. It has some redeeming capabilities, controllable recoil, high fire rate, some of the best mitigation of damage dropoff. The problem is, none of the core requirements of an SMG for close-range combat are made a strength of this weapon. It functions better as an AR than a traditional SMG.


Introduced to Warzone during Season 5, the ISO is simply not built for Verdansk. It's an SMG with an average at best fire rate, and subpar magazine size, forcing your hand with attachments. It's certainly playable in dire circumstances but look elsewhere when given the choice.

Warzone Season 6 SMG Tier List



The story with the Uzi is the same it's always been. Rapid speed but uncontrollable and unique recoil make this gun hard to operate. It bounces side to side making it really hard to control during hectic close range encounters.