Warzone Season 6 Sniper Rifle Tier List

Courtesy of Activision
Courtesy of Activision /

Call of Duty: Warzone Season 6 is now out on all platforms, and players are trying to figure out the new meta of the season. As always, snipers are a big part of the loadout for most players, and players now want to know which is going to stand out in the new season.

Here is the new sniper rifle tier list for Warzone Season 6.

Warzone Season 6 Sniper Rifle Tier List

1. S Tier - Swiss K31, ZRG 20MM, Kar98k

These two are at the top of the pyramid, and it isn't really close. The Swiss is the best all around sniper from all ranges. It is the top by far, and there is a large possibility that doesn't change for a while. The ZRG is more of a long range specialist, but nothing can compete with it over distance. It hits extremely hard and for those who like to sit back and pick enemies off, this gun is the way to go.

2. A Tier - LW3 Tundra, M82, HDR

These guns are definitely a step down from those in S Tier, but each of these guns have their uses and are very capable in the right hands. The Tundra does everything well but masters none; a true jack of all trades gun. The M82 is for players who like to spam suppressing fire. The HDR is a baby ZRG, and had been known as the choice for the long range sniper in the early days of Warzone. It is still very good, just not on the level of the ZRG.

3. B Tier - AX-50 and Pellington 503

The AX-50 is a worse version of the Tundra. It is not necessarily bad at anything, but does nothing better than any of the guns above it. Simply put, there is not a ton of use in this gun compared to the A and S tiers, but it is usable. The Pellington suffers from the same fate, being a worse Swiss K31. It simply does not do enough damage compared to other snipers, and simply wont be usable compared to other guns. It isn't horrible, but there isn't a lot of use for it.

4. C Tier - Rytec AMR

The Rytec simply does not do enough damage. The gun is inferior to the M82 in every way as a semi-auto sniper, the only saving grace for this gun is it's extra utility usage, the explosive bullets that it can use against vehicles. Other than that extra gimmick, the gun should not be used over any other gun above it.

5. D(ragunov) Tier

This tier belongs to one gun alone. The Dragunov sniper is useless in its category. It is too slow and too low damage. It can be used at mid range, but in no way would someone choose this gun over an AR at mid range. It is inferior to every gun in the category, and there is no reason to use it.