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Warzone Season Five Makes Fans Furious as Sun Glare Returns

Image courtesy of Activision

Fans are furious as Warzone's most recent (and final) update has brought back sun glare to Caldera. Redditor Raketee posted a photo that depicted heavy glare when looking into the Caldera sky. The Redditor in question titled their post "Horrible lighting is back again," making it clear that the lighting is a significant issue. Ever since it replaced the fan favorite and iconic map Verdansk, Caldera has been divisive amongst fans, to say the least, but Warzone players agree that both maps have had their fair share of lighting problems.

The Reddit post currently has over 100 upvotes, and plenty of comments, but not all fans are in agreement on if the lighting is actually that bad.

Warzone Season Five Makes Fans Furious as Sun Glare Returns

One Redditor comments "the horrible whining never stopped though" as many other fans agreed that the lighting was a legitimate issue, with one comment going as far as to say that "It's literally blinding trying to look at pretty much anything uphill."

Despite backlash and divisiveness from fans, there hasn't been any comment from RavenSoftware on the issue. Luckily, multiple patches are released during a Warzone season, so hopefully the issue will be resolved.

If not however, players only have a few short months left until Warzone 2 arrives, with what surely will be a new map and a ton of quality of life improvements.