Warzone Season Two Leak Shows Massive Download Size, Cover Art With New Operators

Call of Duty Season Two is going to be another storage drain for many players. Already known as a massive download, Call of Duty has to have the cumulative record for largest downloads across each of their seasons and updates.

The download size for Season Two is 47 GB while the update is going to be 10 GB.

The only comfort is a sneak peek at some of the upcoming skins planned for Season Two, but the game is going to need a lot more than a few cosmetics to keep it going. Based on other leaks, Raven Software is planning on more than visuals for the next season.

CoD leaker TheGhostOfHope shared a list of planned content for Season Two.

• Bunkers
• Bomber Plane (Destroys Loadouts/Buy Stations)
• Portable Buy Stations
• Redeploy Balloons (Not a respawn mechanic)
• Advanced Gas Mask
• New major POI called Factory
• Rebirth Island Iron Trials
• 3 new Operators & Weapons

Just based on the leaked image, it's clear to see the three new Operators and there's a good chance that they're holding the three new weapons. Players will be excited to hear about the return of Iron Trials while some new systems like the redeploy balloons and portable buy stations have promise.

Is it enough to save the floundering battle royale? It's tough to say, but the core problems remain and a few new systems and cosmetics feel more like a band-aid than a fix.