Warzone Servers Down: How to Check if Warzone Servers Are Offline

Warzone servers going down will happen occasionally.
Warzone servers going down will happen occasionally. / Courtesy of Infinity Ward

Warzone servers went down this week during a particularly trying time for the American public. Game servers are wont to go offline occasionally — no company can foresee and fix every problem before it happens — but knowing when the outage is game-wide as opposed to localized to one's own console can make a huge difference in a player's personal sanity. Here's how to tell if the Warzone servers are down.

How to Check if Warzone Servers Are Down

Warzone, as a spinoff in the Call of Duty series, is an Activision property. Activision makes it particularly easy to check the live status of its services by hosting all of that information at a single location. Players experiencing connection difficulties with Warzone can head to the Online Services section of the Activision website for the up-to-date and reliable information about outages.

Also useful in checking for service outages are website like Down Detector, which provides a location for players to self-report outages in their games. This crowdsourcing can provide updates on outages more quickly than even Activision's site.

If neither of these resources indicates the service is offline, it's possible the connectivity problem is on your end. If that's the case, you'll have to troubleshoot your own internet connection.